Oh Lookie Here!

In case anyone out there has been wondering how sincere I really am when I say things like “if I like your book I’ll buy it even if I already read it.” Welp, look what I got today:

I also highlighted Divergent, because I just happy to get it too. ^.^

I also highlighted Divergent, because I just happy to get it too. ^.^

It’s Down The Wormhole, by Ana Franco! I tried pre-ordering it actually, but I had issues with my new credit card… and had to go to the bank… drama ensued… Only managed to fix it up today. I tell you, sometimes Amazon just doesn’t want to take my money. :/

I had my issues with how the ARC read… and I saw, just in the quick scan I did right after my purchase, several of those issues gone. I was told that they would be, and I’m not surprised they are, but I need to mention it since I brought some attention to them on my initial review. I’ll reread this book in full and post a new review of it when I’m done. However I cannot stress the fact that even with the issues I mentioned… I loved this story and just thinking about it makes me a bit twitchy to see how it continues. (when’s the next book coming, Ana? ^.-)

The book is $4,27 on Amazon right now. Don’t wait for me to come back and say, yet again, that I like this… just go see for yourselves. 🙂


P.S: I may or not review Divergent when I’m done with it… Or when I finish the trilogy. We’ll see.


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