Fair Is Fair

Wandering Poet: I comply. No more pings. This is my last post.

So, he asked me to stop pinging his blog and I will. He is right, I’m not his audience. I’ve removed his blog from my bookmarks and we’ll hopefully not cross paths again after this.

The reason I like to ping is because I think it’s unfair to post about someone and not let them know. When pings were broken I manually linked people to posts that mentioned them. I did that so they knew what I was saying about their posts. I don’t consider two pings (one after being pinged by him) harassment. I considered it courtesy. It was also referring people to his posts, despite not agreeing, but whatever. If he doesn’t want that, it’s his right. I’ll comply.

I just expect not to be accused of talking about him behind his back right now either. Because I was called a liar and I want to address that.

And, oh… He found out I’m a chick. I know it’s irrelevant, I just found it amusing, hey THAT was kinda funny. ^.-

I’d like to state that my personal rule stands: Ask me to leave YOUR BLOG and I will. He had not asked me to leave. He did ask me this time: however he informed me I was blocked and then insulted me. I posted on my blog about it because I was angry. I didn’t put any guns to his head forcing him to answer me. My pings don’t even show up on his posts… At all. Trash the notifications and it’s like it never happened. So I considered myself as a non-presence on his blog. Open to interpretation I suppose. I won’t say he was wrong to complain; I was technically not gone. I’m just saying I had not considered pings on the same level as comments. Why would I? I was banned from commenting.

He did quote bits from my comments. Out of context. Hellooo Pot, it’s me Kettle. You may in fact call me Black; some do. I still have those screenshots though. I know what I said.

Fair is fair though. He won’t see any notifications from me and if I don’t get any more myself, then I won’t even think about him anymore. Actually… I had already moved on to other things as you all can see. 🙂

Also: I wasn’t even going to address this one, but fuck it. I don’t follow anyone’s playbook on anything even less trolling; I have more to do with my life. OM is a blogger who earned my respect through his replies to my comments. In particular the ones where I disagreed with him. I like people who disagree WELL. We’ve had fun exchanges and I like (most of) his content. That’s it. Besides, I doubt he wants or needs anyone to do anything here on his behalf. He’s a grown man and I’m pretty sure he knows kung fu or some other thing like that. 😛

I do understand now though the extent of this overreaction and what this is really about. I have no part in that and I want no part in that… I commented on a post, words were spewed. It doesn’t need to go further than this.


PS: Gotta praise the song choice though, he’s got good taste. This is even in one of Luke’s lists, if I’m not mistaken. 🙂


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