On Writer Support (and Fortunate Timing)

While I was busy allowing myself to stray from what I wanted this blog to be and engaging people who I know are really not worth stressing over… Ryan Lanz at A Writer’s Path linked to a fiction piece I wrote in response to one of his writing prompts.

It was a piece of writing that lay forgotten in my archives as it was written quite some time ago and I was happy to see it brought back into the spotlight. In such fortunate timing too, because the person I was being yesterday is not the person I usually am or the person I strive to be on a day to day basis. One of many things I dislike in social media is how easily things can escalate into nonsense. Not the good kind of nonsense I like sharing with my visitors, but a toxic kind of nonsense.

I’m the only writer in this blog (aside from when wifey house sits, or visits) and the content posted here is strictly my responsibility. It doesn’t matter who else was involved, where it started or what brought it on, what I write here is my decision and if it sucks I’m the only culprit. I am aware and I accept that. I won’t go as far as to say I’m ashamed or retract my statements, but I said I would probably regret my course of action and I do. However, I am young. I’m a 25 year old with 19 year old tendencies; when I decide to be stupid I go all the way. Apologies later if I feel they are due. In this case I do apologize to all the people who had that ridiculousness pop up on their Readers.

Nonetheless… Ryan linked to that post I wrote so long ago and, looking at my stats, it received a LOT more views than the stupid I was spewing in that moment. I’ve gained followers because of that piece of writing when I should be losing them for acting like a nitwit and I’ve had a lot more people see me for the person I usually am (not a nitwit… for the most part). I more than appreciate anyone who shares my content at any given moment, but the timing on this one was beyond fortunate, even if entirely coincidental, and extra thank yous are in order.

I’ve found on WP a whole lot of great writer blogs to turn to for inspiration, support, help, and most of all for motivation. I mean let’s face it: lack of motivation is what kills the creative drive 99.9% of the time and mine is naturally rather sickly (as am I… Sad, but true). Whether they help me intentionally or simply by being there and doing their own thing, I find more and more inspiring and supportive people everyday. They make blogging worth it for me and I’d do well to remind myself of that instead of wasting my energy with pointless arguments.



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