Yes, They Are!

I was terrified of Pit Bulls as a kid until I met one. I went to spend a three day weekend with a friend at her aunt’s house in the country and they had a Pit Bull… That dog followed me around everywhere the whole weekend being the most adorable creature I’d ever seen in my life. It sat beside me where I sat, slept by the foot of my bed and showered me with love at every given opportunity. Me: a total stranger. I watched that dog take the playful, yet infuriating, abuse of cats, smaller adult dogs and puppies with a calm most human beings are incapable of.

I came home with a changed mind.

There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.



2 thoughts on “Yes, They Are!

  1. Absolutely, same is true of Rottie dogs… Brought up right they are gentle and loving creatures. Any dog can attack, so breed has no bearing, upbringing does.

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  2. I couldn’t possibly agree with you more about this.

    It saddens me to no end that a dog can be determined a danger based on nothing more than its breed, which, as harmony77uk mentioned, is not limited to just pit bulls. I’ve seen rotties, chows, akitas, staffies, german shephards & rhodesian ridgebacks, – all dogs that I’ve had nothing but positive experience with – just slapped with the label “aggressive” and written off without evidence of any aggression at all. It’s terrible.

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