I’m Sounding Crazy Even To Myself

I’ve been trying to figure out in my head certain things about Stonewall. I am comfortable with the fact that I’m still unsure of what exists beyond the Walls… or if anything indeed exists… I’ve decided that the Walls themselves exist though, so that’s progress. 😛

I also know why the Walls exist and who put them there. Yes, someone ‘built’ the impenetrable mountain chain around Stonewall. The problem is less in what I know or not… Or what I’ve decided or not… The problem is what I know and find myself unable to define.

As in I try to write out exactly what it is and some logical sense of its existence and all I manage to get out is insanity. Insanity in the levels of something that could be easily found scribbled in blood on the walls of a horror movie psych ward. It’s like something that could make sense but you don’t know how to simulate the level of madness necessary to decode it.

Seriously... WTF am I saying?

Seriously… WTF am I saying?

And that’s what it looks like to me. Need I mention that I’m the one who wrote the stuff to begin with? And how is it that I can’t understand where the hell it’s coming from or what it’s even supposed to mean?

When I can’t even understand my rambles it’s time to slow the fuck down.



3 thoughts on “I’m Sounding Crazy Even To Myself

  1. You could always take all the “insane” scribbles, divvy them up into smaller groups that have vague conceptual ties to each other – even if they’re contradictory or don’t make any logical sense – and then stamp it with “This is what Group A believes, Group B’s philosophy says this,” and so on. At least, for covering the bases in-universe. You can even then give yourself an out in the out-of-character region by not having to decide anything definitive – yet, anyway – because nobody knows the “truth.”

    Just thinking out loud, I think. Anyway… good luck! I am all too aware of the difficulties in trying to create a coherent setting. Ugh.

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