Updates And Stuff

I went walking around yesterday… Came home with my feet hurting but I had such a nice time. The temperature has gone down 8ºC since Friday. It’s sunny and yet the temperature is cool. I wish it would be like this all year long. Summer is ending… FINALLY.

As for my rambles mentioned yesterday… I’m trying to work out magic in Stonewall. It’s not as simple as Valcrest and bouncing ideas off the walls instead of other people is an added challenge.

There is magic that can be learned through study and meditation, which entails basically potions and minor spells. How that works is fairly easy to work out, but the second type of magic is giving me trouble. I know what it is, but explaining it in a way that makes sense is… uuungh… Not working. It’s magic, but I don’t want to pull stuff out my ass with this story and then say “Welp, it’s magic!” like it solves everything. I want it to be plausible and understandable.

I’ll get there eventually.

Aaand, I’m watching Game of Thrones marathon… Again… Season 5 is not coming fast enough. I’m getting antsy.



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