New Tagline?

I saw this on my stats and I thought it was pretty funny:


And I thought that’d make a cool tagline for the blog maybe. What do you guys think?



5 thoughts on “New Tagline?

  1. I personally liked “The insane ramblings of a writer”, but that sounds pretty good too.

    (I’ll let you imagine how I reacted I was when Kaufman defaced your masthead and photoshopped OM into a Monty Python scene.)

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    • Both taglines are basically making the same point… just a matter of wording, so I’m not sure whether or not to change.

      And yeah, that guy and his free speech protected “art”. I was actually pretty amused with what he did with my header. Not so much with taking people’s personal photos.

      And people think I’m paranoid for not letting them upload pictures I’m in to FB. One asshole with photoshop and too much time to waste is all it takes.

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