For What It’s Worth…

Had an interesting discussion with my brother about the new Steam Machines coming out this year. Not sure whether they’ll be readily available to us here in Brazil or not, but I’ve been considering whether or not to purchase one eventually. So of course my brother, because he is older and the one who got me into gaming; thus has the right to give me words of wisdom apparently, He said, they’ll be pricier than an Xbox or a PS4… Get a an Xbox or PS4 then. My first thought was, huuuh… Maybe I’ll do that.

I went to the mall with my mom, for non-gaming reasons, and looked around the shops. Most Xbox/Playstation games are ranging from 99.90 Reais to 199.90 Reais (between 40 and 90 dollars, without checking exchange rates). Thief, which is a game I REALLY want is for 199.90. I can get it on Steam for R$55.99  which is less than half. Not to mention the 50+ games I already own on Steam.

So now I’m between a Steam console and a gaming PC. The console might actually come out cheaper than a desktop PC or laptop with a kickass graphics card and freaking fast as hell processor. However there are games I cannot, for the life of me, play with a controller. The first time I played Skyrim I tried playing with the controller because I thought that’d be SO much better, but noope. I couldn’t fucking stop going around in circles and climbing stairs was a chore. I thought “great, I can’t play this game, my brain is not made for 1st person”, when in reality my issue was the controller. I switched to mouse and keyboard and really… Was like Minecraft but much more awesome. Bottom line… If I was to get a Steam console, I’d still need a better PC for non-Steam games and non-controller games. Ideally I’d get both, but ideally I wouldn’t be fucking broke all the time either.

That controller looks fucking awful too

Eeeh, not like gaming is a priority right now. I’ve barely had the time for it nowadays.

I must the only person in the planet not to 100% Skyrim. >.>



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