10 Things I Don’t See The Appeal Of

Have you ever had someone say “I just don’t see the appeal” about something you love? It kinda sucks, right?

So here’s ten things I don’t see the appeal of:

1 – The Office

I’ve tried watching both the UK and US versions of The Office and… I don’t get why it’s funny. I just don’t. Which is… Baffling to me because I love both Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell. They’re amazing and hilarious and… And… I don’t GET IT. O_O

And so is my will to laugh.

2 – Vampires

I’m not even talking Twilight here. This stems from a time way before Twilight…

Way, WAY, before.

So, yeah… Buffy was a huge deal at some point in my youth… and I… Well, I didn’t hate it, I just… didn’t care about it in one bit. See good ol’ David Boreanaz up there? The guy whose name I only know because I like watching Bones from time to time? His character in Buffy as well this fucking thing:

I don’t know in what universe this is ‘sexy’, but whatever…

Paved the way for crap like Tru Blood and Vampire Diaries (sorry, Wifey 😛 ). And yes, fucking Twilight. That drove vampires over the edge of ‘meh’ and into ‘ugh, this sucks so fucking much’ territory for me. Does the world still remember when vampires were the monsters and not, you know, poor tortured souls that really just need the love of a dimwitted ‘regular’ girl?

Remember when they looked like this?

He just needs a hug, ladies.

I still didn’t see the appeal of vampires then, but at least I didn’t have to put up with annoying fangirlism on a regular basis.

Yes, I’m talking about some of my friends.

3 – Superman

He’s boring. He’s just so boring. He was boring in the comics, in the Justice League animated series (that I loved btw), in Smallville (ESPECIALLY in Smallville) and yeah he was not that big of a deal in Man of Steel either. I don’t know what about Superman is more baffling to me… The near invincibility, the goody-two-shoes-somehow-still-a-dick attitude, the unbelievably stupid ‘disguise’, or the fucking Kryptonite thing.

Am I really the only person who thinks this whole thing is dumb?

4 – Gory “Horror” movies.

They’re not scary. They’re not. Gross, unsettling, disturbing, I give it that, but they’re not scary. The Saw movies, Hostel, whatever else… I really don’t bother much with the genre at all. I don’t think of them as horror movies. Horror movies need to be scary. Violence for the sake of violence has its audience and I’m not against it exactly, but to me personally they have less effect than, say, The Shining. The Shining was scary… If you count Jack Nicholson I think two people die in that movie.

Buy a flipping PS4!

5 – Taylor Swift

Why? I mean, she’s not bad, don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against her exactly, but… She is not THAT great. Her songs are… Eeeeh… So why, I ask; What’s with the obsession?

And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she look like a squirrel!

6 – Facebook/Twitter:

Yeah, I have Twitter and one day I might even have a FB page again, but still… No matter how hard I try I just don’t see the point. The truth is, social media sites such as FB are nice for keeping contact with people you know in RL… There’s no one I know in RL that I want to keep in touch with that I don’t already talk to through other means. To add them on FB would just give them an excuse to pester me with game invites and analyze every little thing I post about myself, assuming I’d even bother to post anything.

Also, this stupidity.

7 – Glee

The only thing that might be possibly entertaining in that show is the singing and it is just fucking awful. Never have so many songs I love been completely destroyed by the same group of people. Whoever came up with this show: Fuck you.


8 – Pet fish

They just swim around staring blankly until they die. I mean, why have a pet that you cannot actually pet. You can pet a turtle (I had one and it really liked to be pet), you can pet a snake (although I don’t think they care), you can even pet a flipping tarantula (although I don’t recommend. I recommend you kill it… kill it with fire), but you can’t pet a fish. They’re pretty to look at? Well so are canaries and at least they SING. They also poop everywhere, but they SING.

Is it even alive? ^.-

9 – The Kardashians

Who are these people? Why do we care? I don’t think I understand.


10 – Jane Austen

I tried reading Pride and Prejudice and after about three chapters of absolutely NOTHING happening, I gave up on it. People have told me “you can’t say you don’t like something you haven’t read/watched/tried”… Well, I often go and try it and confirm the fact that it’s just not for me. It also bugs me a bit that I’ve been called out for not having “anything happen” in my first 200 WORDS, when Jane Austen clearly got away with it for three chapters. I mean, COME ON. >.>




8 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t See The Appeal Of

  1. Hahaha….I don’t get the whole Taylor Swift thing either…The Office, I get only because I worked in one very similar to that show so it was easy for me to relate to the stories and the characters.

    I would like to add Ellen Degenerate to your list. (yeah I spelled it wrong on purpose.) She’s not funny, and I don’t know why people watch her show. I’ve tried to watch it, but I get bored with it and would rather watch paint dry.

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  2. I was always more of a werewolf guy myself. You want to see a more creative vampire flick, check out Near Dark. It has Hudson, Bishop and Vasquez from Aliens as vampires, and there are explosions.
    Great point about horror films. After the original Friday the 13th (which was honestly decent), gore became all the rage. Back then no one had seen effects like that before, so it was new and exciting, and was actually a source of tension because no one knew what they were going to see next. Now it has grown stale and the effects don’t have that same jolt anymore. Fortunately, actually scary horror films like The Conjuring are making a comeback.
    Though if you want to see a great scary movie with a lot of red stuff, check out John Carpenter’s The Thing if you have not already seen it. It has a good balance of fantastic special effects and a really unsettling atmosphere.

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  3. It’s ok Wifey, we already know we don’t like the same things all the time. *coughsdrwhocoughs* ehem and it’s just peachy. However, I must officially disagree that fish can not be pet. See Below.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. In so many ways, I am now wondering if I temporarily took possession of your mind to write this post, or if I’ve just found my mental doppleganger… Plus, that pic on Jane Austen made me laugh way too hard. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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