Desensitized (Post Not Safe For People Who Wish To Remain Sane: NOT Kidding)

A few days ago, or at least I think it was, my fellow RPer Mr. Doomed (here’s his blog) showed me what he was writing for his novel. I’m not going to make any comments on what he wrote, because that wouldn’t be okay and that’s not exactly the point of this post, but for the sake of relevance I will say that it contains something that might shock some people. He warned me about the shock factor so many times I was genuinely a little worried about reading it. When I did, I really didn’t think it was such a big deal. At which point he said “well, this is usually considered a big deal.” and it hit me that… He was right to be warning me and to be worried… A lot of people might have read that and been disturbed by it. I was not. We shrugged that off in a ‘eh, we’re both psychos then’ kinda way and I stopped thinking about it. Until today.

Today I looked back on some of the things I’ve read and watched and… Some of them… Were truly disturbing in ways my friend’s psychotic mind could never achieve. I hope. For the sake of his mental health.

For instance, a while back a YouTuber I follow posted a review of this animation film, a collection of three shorts, which he dubbed the most horrifying thing in existence. He said to never EVER watch it or it will destroy your sanity.

So of course I watched it.

That’s the reason I’m not naming the animation, or linking to the review, because if anyone reading this is anything like me they’ll want to see for themselves… And you shouldn’t. Trust me. I will watch anything people tell me not to watch because it’s too awful. ANYTHING. The only two things I’ve managed to resist so far are The Human Centipede and 2 Girls 1 Cup, because both seem like they have the potential to make me vomit. And I hate vomit.

I have watched things like Cannibal Holocaust and A Serbian Film (contains ‘newborn porn’ and other horrible shit. I severely regretted watching. Do not as much as Google this shit for the sake of your sanity. PLEASE) all the way to the end and I couldn’t watch that animation all the way through. The third short was beyond anything I could put in words to express disturbing and horrible. I… I don’t even want to… I will say what the first two shorts are about so you’ll see that anything I’ve deemed worse than THIS, has to be beyond horrible.

The first short is basically this demon dog, who communicates with boy telepathically I assume, because it’s lips don’t move, but at the same time it pants incessantly while talking so… I’m not sure… Maybe its mind voice pants just for the sake of creepy… Doesn’t matter; it’s annoying as fuck, but that’s the far from being the issue. Oh, so far. The story is about this demon dog convincing this kid that his unborn baby brother is the anti-christ because… some crap about tainted devil milk… So they go to the kid’s house and the dog rips the baby off the woman’s womb and bites the dad’s dick off. Both parents bleed to death the baby dies… The end.

Haha, just kidding. There’s more. =_=

The kid doesn’t like that his mom is dead and stuff, so the dog convinces the kid that there’s a way to bring his mommy back. And that consists of the kid… having sex with the dog… while the dog has sex with the dead mom… And they show that. Yeah, I watched that with my eyes.

That short ends with the kid sitting by his family’s rotting corpses waiting for them to come back. They don’t.

Just a pause to remind myself that dogs are actually adorable little creatures made of pure love and fluffiness. >.>

The second short… While horrifying… I’ll admit that I kind of liked… It’s not as horrible as the other two. It’s about this dude who lives in a church and kills people to steal some brain juice from them to inject himself with so he can alter his own memories somehow. He comes across this whore who was almost killed by this weirdo she was blowing in a nearby alley and steals her memories. What else happens next is a bit confusing… okay, VERY confusing… and a lot of it involves rape.

The third short has to do with child porn. I could not watch more than a couple of minutes of it. I’ve seen nothing explicit, but I had this horrible feeling that I was about to… And I stopped. I couldn’t go through with it. It was too much to fathom.

My point in describing all of this is that… In comparison to this and some other things I’ve watched and read, that terrible thing in Doomed’s writing had no effect on me in terms of repulsion. I felt horrible for the character involved, but I wasn’t mortified by the situation. I wonder how long ago would I have had to read that scene for it to strike me as horrifying. How far have I descended? o.o



8 thoughts on “Desensitized (Post Not Safe For People Who Wish To Remain Sane: NOT Kidding)

  1. Ugh. I refuse to ever watch Cannibal Corpse..and WHERE THE HELL did you find that other stuff..Dear Lord. Reminds me of this foreign film (not made in USA) that went into the life of this boy finding out his father did horrible things to his sister and babies. Serious, people who write this shit..I know it happens..but FUCK YOU. Ehem..I’m ok. I promise. Needless to say I only watched til the end b/c I knew the son killed the father…so was a rightful reckoning. But I get the whole desensitized thing because no matter how horrible I think I am for writing some of the things I have…NEVER would it include the above. All that is extreme. That and Tentacle Porn. Why Japan….WHHY?

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    • I read people who write about how horrible shit is and then I go looking for said shit because I’m a masochist and not in a good way apparently. >.>

      A Serbian film was horrible on the things it did, but it was all very… visibly fake… It doesn’t certain thing less horrifying, but it makes some actually laughable, so I could sit through it.

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  2. Good god! That all sounds horrifying. I may be able to write some pretty repulsive stuff, but I could never actually watch the type of stuff I write about. Extreme gore is too much for my eyes to handle.

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