Nonsensical Word of The Day

Self-Suicide: the act of suiciding oneself, as opposed to suiciding another person (presumably with the use of mind control).

Spoken by: My brother in law.

Living an learning, eh? 😉



2 thoughts on “Nonsensical Word of The Day

  1. Hey, it’s an important distinction. Every day, people try to self-suicide, but mess up and end up suiciding someone else. Stray bullets, bottles of poison left unmarked in the fridge, the weak-hearted finding the potential self-suicider’s note, not-quite-dead-body or implements of destruction and suffering massive embolisms.

    And that’s before we bring Jean Grey and Emma Frost into things. They can self-suicide, suicide, other-suicide or extra-suicide, and have. It’s dangerous.

    Someone needs to start a foundation.

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