Went into the blog today and saw the little activity chart was flat with zero views. It always kind of makes me think of a heart monitor. I think that’s pretty much the point of me writing this post right now; keeping this blog alive despite my lack of will to write in it.

I’m not having one of those “fuck writing, fuck the world,” types of writer’s block. I’m in a contemplative state when it comes to my writing. I’m rereading everything I’ve written into the book so far over and over and over… changing a word here and another there as I go. Elements continue to come to mind, things I want to fit in the background, depths I want to give to seemingly shallow situations, details upon details. I’m trying not to get too excited with my ideas, but that’s difficult to be honest. And thinking over this stuff is taking up my brain space and my writing time to a point where… Well… I haven’t been doing much of anything these past four days or so. The time I do have has been devoted to writing some stuff with Sarah because that helps me unwind. Keeps me sane… to an extent. 🙂

The Lindsey Stirling concert I wanted to go to… Well, my plans fell through on that, so… Hopes is that she comes back eventually. Other than that I have very little to tell. Hence my absence. :/

Game of Thrones comes back tomorrow so I’m going to try and get a ‘top 10 favorite moments’ post at some point before that. Narrowing that down to 10 is gonna be a challenge… hmmm… >.>



4 thoughts on “Flatline

  1. Pink Floyd’s – “Is There Anybody Out There” comes to mind when experiencing the feeling you speak of. The next day arrives… two views…!! Woo hoo!! Doh!
    I suppose we just keep chippin’ away at ’em 🙂

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