Sick And Tired… Literally

I’m officially sick today. Yesterday it was like “eh, I’m a little sneezy” but today is like “fuck this, tuck this so fucking much”. Think of a body part, any body part; it hurts. Yes, even that one. ALL OF THEM. I don’t want to go to the doctors though. I like my doctor, but I know what he’s going to say. No fever, have some decongestant and allergy meds. I doesn’t matter how bad I feel, that’s what helps. So I will just do that. And if it doesn’t help… Then I’ll go to the doctor.

I’ve been sleeping better. No as early as I’d like, but I’m not staying up until 6:00 am anymore. Last night I think I slept at some point around 3:30-ish. Yeah, Wifey and I chatted until about 3:10 my time and then I turned the pc off a few minutes later. Before I was unable to sleep any sooner. I’d turn everything off and just lie awake. Now I’m falling asleep as soon as everything is off and that’s a good sign.

Think I’m going to find a game to play in between naps and… take it easy. I should get better that way.



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