Misery Loves Company

There is definitely some bug going around since last night my nephew was complaining of headache and a sore throat and today my mom didn’t seem able to get out of bed, much like I was and still sort of am, since a couple of days ago. I spoke to my doctor and confirmed that there is no need for antibiotics at this point.. rest up and treat the symptoms… At least I’m not alone. That would be awfully satisfying if not for the fact that I’m the least whiny sick person in this house… So when stuff inevitably needs to get done I’m going to be the one to force myself to do it. *sigh* Such is life.

I’ve been reading a little and watching TV these past few days. I’ve also been playing games quite a bit, which is something I hadn’t been doing often in the past months. I’m way behind on my Issac: Rebirth achievements, I don’t know how I expect to reach ultimate platinum God status at this rate. 😛

Actually I have to admit that some of the challenge runs do feel a little impossible to me at this point. >.>

I feel somewhat better, but the headaches are persistent… and light has been a nuisance, which makes me sit in the dark a lot, which is… kinda sad… but at least it’s not painful. lol

The PC and TV don’t bother me as long as I turn the brightness way down, so at least I can watch stuff and play Dragon Age to keep entertained.

I apologize for not being able to produce much more than sickly whining, but I expect to be better by next week and back to my usual nonsense. And working on my book. I really should get back to that asap.

Now though, I think I’m gonna nap some more. >.>



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