What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Mom was going to make soup because none of use wants to eat anything, but it started to rain so Bro refused to go to the market to buy the ingredients… He’s suddenly unwell too… So we decided to order fast food instead and hope for the best.

What could possibly go wrong with stuffing your face with a giant bacon-chicken sammich when you’re ill?

Time will tell if we shall all rue this day forever.

I’ve not responded to comments because… Lately I’ve been mostly seeing them in between naps and “fuck words, I’m sleeping”… but to those who commented wishing me well since two or three posts ago when I started whining like a little bitch… Thank you for your support. And those of you who liked… I’m assuming that in this case ‘like’ is more a show of support than a ‘I like the fact that you’re miserable’ kinda thing, because I try to always expect the best from people… so thank you all too. šŸ˜›



6 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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