Meet The Warden

Guys, this is Owen:

He actually blinked right when I hit the screenshot button; the doofus. >.>

He actually blinked right when I hit the screenshot button; the doofus. >.>



I also took some full body shots to show off the armor… Because it’s pretty… One of my favorite ever mods is the Universal Dye kit. Yes, I mod this game mostly to make things pretty. >.>


Looks cool, right? ^.^

And the weapons too!

And the weapons too!

Aanyway… I know said I’d do this, but I wasn’t actually planning on it. Except, this bit of dialogue happened and I thought it was so funny I reloaded my save just to record it.

One of the main reasons I love Dragon Age is the dialogue. The companion banter especially… It puts me in a silly mood. And I need to be in a silly mood right now. In that spirit I decided to make a journal entry for my character based on yesterday and today’s playtime. Like I tried to do with my Skyrim character; Gabriel. I don’t plan on making this a series like I tried to make that one… If it happens it happens, but I’m not going to push myself to do it either. >.>


Dear diary,

I admit that writing this is a bit, well, lame, but I suppose I might as well put this ridiculous amount of blank parchment I’ve been carrying to some use. I mean, let’s face it; they don’t sell for much and picking them up has become more an obsession than a practical decision. To avoid yet another stance of Alistair insisting I’m some sort of manic psycho hoarder, I decided to take up writing. Although I didn’t see him complaining when I said he could have this completely useless and ugly as hell statuette I randomly picked up at Lothering. No matter. He can have the stupid thing if it gets him off my back.

My Name is Owen Cousland. I am a Grey Warden. That’s all that is relevant to know about me at this point really. I’m not going to bother with the details of how I joined the Grey Wardens or what brought me here. By the time this whole thing is done it will either be common knowledge or no one will care. Either way, not worth the time it takes to write it down.

At the moment me and a few of my companions are in the Mage Circle Tower. They are occupied trading with the Templar quartermaster while I write down this entry. I have Leliana, Alistair, Sten and Stalker; my hound, with me at the moment. There is also Morrigan. She was the first to join me and Alistair in our quest; although not too thrilled about it, it seems, but I asked her to stay and guard the camp since I know how much she dislikes the Circle. I playfully told her to cook us dinner while we were away… Non-surprisingly she disapproved of my joke. I’ll give her something shiny later and she’ll forget all about it though… You know, for someone who seems so persistent to show the world what a tough woman she is, Morrigan has a stereotypical love of jewelry unlike anything I’ve ever seen in noble circles. Of course I would be in mortal danger if I were to ever point that out. Despite her being unnecessarily unpleasant to Stalker, I don’t think she is as bad as Alistair seems to think she is. Her attitude amuses me a lot more than it aggravates me and, although it may just be wishful thinking, I believe the feeling is becoming mutual.

Alistair is actually my senior as far as being a Grey Warden is concerned, but he doesn’t seem to want to lead and leaves all the decisions to me. I’m not sure whether or not I like that. It’s been many days now, but I still feel as though my joining was yesterday and I’m sure a lot of what constitutes a Warden comes with experience I am yet to earn. Should I be leading a group? I don’t know… and neither does Alistair, so really… I do it because someone has to; and it sure as hell is not going to be one of the new kids, it should definitely not be Morrigan.

To be honest, I see no problem in ‘commanding’ Sten or Leliana, or even Morrigan (she would definitely disapprove of me saying I command her, but nonetheless…). It was my decision to accept Morrigan’s help, as it was my decision to recruit Leliana and Sten… However, I was introduced to Alistair as someone to look up to for guidance and yet now he’s following my lead as if I’m supposed to know better. It feels weird, but then… He seems more confident in me than in himself. That, I realize, is a bit sad, but… He’s a good man and I’ve grown fond of him.

Leliana is very… Strange. I mean ‘Chantry robe wearing woman meddling in a bar fight’ strange. Claiming she wants to help us because the Maker ‘told her to’ didn’t exactly help that impression. I haven’t known her that well, despite all the nights we’ve stayed up talking. With all the stories she was more than willing to share with me, I’ve realized she told me almost nothing of herself before joining the Chantry life. What little she told felt to me as though it was… incomplete. Not lies, but maybe half-truths? She is hiding things, but somehow I find it easy to trust her. I think maybe that’s not as much of a good thing as it may seem, but for now I’ll brush off my concerns. She’s given me no actual reason for doubt.

Sten is a Qunari we found caged in Lothering, convicted of several murders. We discussed the issue and Morrigan made a good case of the fact we might make use of him instead of letting him rot. We convinced him that fighting Darkspawn was a more productive way for him to seek atonement for his crimes than sitting in a cage. We then talked the Revered Mother into releasing him to us (with Leliana’s help). Sten is a bit of an asshole. I mean, he literally holds Stalker in much higher regards than the rest of us, but… He is a very intriguing character at the same time. Just now, for example, we were trying to convince one of them Templars to ferry us across Lake Calenhad to the Tower… and the man was not being helpful AT ALL. I asked if maybe we could strike a deal, and the man said he was hungry. Sten then revealed he had cookies on him. Cookies that he had stolen from some fat boy in the latest village we’d passed. “For his own good,” he said. All this time we’d been traveling with some… Cookie thief… and had absolutely no idea! The worst part of course was that he never thought to share with us. Heck I could have gotten two gold for the suit of armor I gave him to wear and he won’t give me one lousy cookie?

Never mind, I guess. His hidden cookie stash got us where we needed. I just… Haven’t had cookies in forever… I’m telling Sten that the next fat boy we come across is mine to rob. No, I have no shame. Sten had a point in that it is best for them to be fit enough to outrun what is coming. A few cookies less ought to help in that.

I see that everyone is set, so it’s best we get moving… So many monsters to slay and so little time, eh?

The Warden

P.S: Is it just me or is it strange that everyone calls me that? Even Alistair, and he’s also a Warden, but apparently I’m THE Warden… I don’t know what that means, but then I have so much more to worry about. Besides… I kind of like it. It sounds heroic.


I should mention that we have a NPC named Alistair in the RP… I swear I didn’t named him because of DA, but… It just makes me laugh when I think about it. 😛



10 thoughts on “Meet The Warden

  1. The part about being a manic obsessive hoarder just cracked me up. Videogame RP journals have always entertained me, and Dragon Age (at least the first one), with it’s focus on a user-centric experience rather than the straightforward “on rails” nature of character creation (or lack of meaningful RP/decisions, *cough* Looking at you, Elder Scrolls) and play suits it perfectly. XD

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    • The thing I hate the most in RPGs is limited inventory capacity. I don’t care if it’s worth shit, I just want to take everything. ALL the things. That is one thing that aggravates me deeply in Skyrim. I hate that over-encumbered nonsense. Full inventory is not an usual problem in DA:O though, gladly. Extra backpack slots are easy to obtain. >.>

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have to fight my klepto urges, too. Fallout: New Vegas’ Hardcore mode drove me bonkers for that reason. (“Bullets have weight? What do you mean I can’t have 30 spare missiles, my power armor and 10,000 shotgun shells! Plus all the random crap I pick up all the time!”)

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  2. I’m a maniac hoarder in DA… mostly because I didn’t figure out what worked how for a really long time and was too scared of throwing away something important. I sell stuff left, right and centre in Syria though. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The not knowing what is important thing, yeah… I had a problem on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood the first time I played. I just sold all the crap I got from chests that I didn’t know what they were for and then later I was running around like an idiot trying to find a tomato for a side quest. It was pretty lame to have all that money and not being able to just buy a goddamn tomato… Noooo, it had to be a scavenged tomato. *sigh* We were in Italy. Surely there are tomatoes in freaking Italy, 90% of their cuisine is tomatoes.

      Another thing with Skyrim;other than the stupid carrying capacity thing, is that… the shops only have so much money. I’m always running around with a bunch of crap I can’t sell because everyone’s already given me all their money. =_=

      I do have an obsession with books in Skyrim though… I always want to take all the books. If I cam’t take them right away I’ll go back for them later.


      • I kind of stopped playing Brotherhood because I was too busy doing the assassination quests. I should go back to that game now.
        My problem with skyrim is rgat I’m always accidentally stealing stuff. It’s okay when I’m levelled up and can kill everyone, or when there’s a horse around for me to run off on, but most times its really annoying to die because I pocketed a loaf of bread. I mean, their punishments for stealing are a bit radical!!

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