I Want To See Other People…

I think you may have misunderstood the nature of this relationship, Sloth. >.>

I cut out the fighting part I recorded because it was just too embarrassing. Not just in a ‘I’m getting murdered’ kind of way, but in a ‘I suddenly forgot how everything works in this thing’ kind of way. Then I realize I have no more health potions and really start to panic. There’s no voice recording, but you can see that I’m panicking by how I keep looking at all my inventory tabs for potions when I know they’re not gonna be there… And then checking my crafting supplies to see that I have no way of making more… By the time I die you can sort of imagine me curled up in front of my computer begging for mercy (which may or not have happened). Either way, no need to be showing that. Right? 😛

Not to mention I pause a lot during combat and that’s just straight up boring to watch. I do that because my mouse is broken and I’m playing with a touchpad… so… If I don’t pause combat I can’t click things. ^^”

Oooh, oooh… Game of Thrones time!



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