I woke up today feeling better and, completely ignoring the fact that it’s Monday, immediately thought to myself “Hell yes, I’m gonna write some stuff!” and then I left my room… Because unfortunately there are things I need to do upon waking that I cannot and will not do in my room… And then my mom said “Oh, I need you to go run some errands with me”.

That was five hours ago. I just got home and I need to go out again in two and half hours. Meeeh.

I actually dreamed about my book characters last night and my sleep was pretty agitated. I was actually looking forward to putting some things on the page today, but alas I’m tired and I don’t have much time to start something I won’t be able to finish so I’m going to play some DA and resume my work tomorrow. *sigh* If I feel like it maybe I’ll write another journal for Owen when I come home tonight. 😛



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