To The Winner The Spoils

All you PC gamer people out there who read this blog… In the bottom of the page there is a “Find Me On” section, and in it there’s a link to my Steam profile. If you’re a Steam user and by any chance you want to add me as a friend, go right ahead, buuut… Let me know who you are when you add me, or I’ll assume you’re a spam bot. I get a crap load of invites from bots every couple of days or so and because of that if I get added without a message and/or by someone whose profile is set to private I’ll ignore the friend request and probably block the user. Which can sometimes be an issue since someone who won a giveaway I made on Steamgifts tried to add me and was denied just the other day. Gladly that was resolved.

I don’t do multiplayer games much; a rare Diablo 3 session with my brothers here and there, but I don’t rule it out completely.

Anyways. I realize I’ve been posting Dragon Age for a few posts in a row and there’s one more video I’m gonna post tomorrow, if not later tonight, and you know… I consider myself a casual gamer. I game in sprees; a few days or weeks in a row, obsessively, and then I stop for up to months. While I am in gamer mode I am both obsessive and a completionist. For those reasons I told myself I would NOT buy Skyrim. Absolutely not.

And in fact, I didn’t. I won my Legendary Edition of Skyrim. A user on Steamgifts ran a writing contest for a chance to win 10$ worth of Steam games. I entered, not really expecting much; I never won any contests before after all.

I won first prize; much to my shock, and by the time it took that one person to evaluate every entry and announce winners, it was the middle of a Steam sale. Aaand… Legedary Edition of Skyrim was sale for $9.99. Since when it comes to making decisions I only know how to either act on my very first instinct or take freaking ages to choose something; and I didn’t want to take freaking ages, I was like “dude, get me Skyrim.”

I’ll be honest, I love Dragon Age to bits, but the only reason I haven’t been playing Skyrim these past few days is that my mouse is broken and I can’t play without it, while DA is perfectly playable for me with a touchpad. Skyrim has become my most prized digital possession, out of 50+ games in my library. It’s not just because it’s a freaking awesome game, but because I won that game. I earned it. It doesn’t really count as literary credits, but I do take pride in that.



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