Uhm… I’m Flattered I Guess?

According to my emails, single Asian women are looking for me. That’s… Nice? Not sure Wifey would be okay with this though, those single Asian women better know some martial arts or they’ll be in deep trouble. Although, I think Kung Fu is rather ineffective against flamethrowers, so bitches better just RUN.

I replied to Voldemort’s email, just wishing him well on his new life. Not a word more than that. He’s not a bad person and I’m not sure he meant to be hurtful or was just blurting things out because he needed to. If it’s the latter he’ll regret it, we’re very much alike that way, but then that’s hardly my problem.

Did I ever say how he got that nickname? I know it makes it sound like I think he’s evil or some shit, but it’s just because for a long time after we, uhm, parted ways, my friends would mostly refer to him as “you know who” in front of me. When I first mentioned him to Wifey (around the time he claimed to want to reconnect) I started calling him that too, or variations of that, and that led to eventually calling him Voldemort. It stuck; at least to me. 😛

Either way. That is the end of that and I need to go pay my credit card bill (all 20 bucks of it!) and then buy something to eat before I starve to death.

Later guys! Thanks to all of you who read my rants and show support on a regular basis. On this particular case, Wifey made me laugh, we wrote some silly stuff and I forgot all about it. And if I ever remember I can send a copy of that email to my brother in France… I’m sure he’d love to visit Switzerland some time. >.>



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