Chill Pills… Chill Pills For Everyone

OM reblogged this at some point while I was asleep and therefore it ended up on my reader. So I read it. And here’s the thing: I’m not here to address this particular subject of feminism or humanism, or even equality. I’ve expressed enough how I feel about these things and my blog isn’t about preaching for a cause or another.

This post did raise the issue in my head of humor and satire and when I believe it’s gone too far. I’ll repeat that so that there’s no confusion: when I believe it’s gone too far. Personal opinion, yes? Likewise this is not directed to anyone, or in defense of anyone, at most I’m using this situation as an example. I love how I feel obligated to make that clear before I even write anything… Thank you, internet, for making me even more neurotic. *snort*

A while ago there was that issue with that blogger, let’s not name him, in which I expressed some… ehem… strong dislike for his ‘satire’. These articles addressed on this post, however, don’t offend me. Even if for the most part I didn’t laugh at them either… Well, okay, I laughed a little but that’s what usually happens when I imagine anyone slammed on the face by a door. 😛

The difference between the two is that the man who must not be named here, took someone’s personal photos, edited them and then went ‘haha it’s satire, you can’t complain’ and I personally consider that type of humor to be a) an invasion of privacy (even if the photos were online, yes), b) ill-intentioned and c) not funny in any possible use of the word. It looks to me as the internet equivalent of pulling someone’s pants down in public. It’s possible someone will laugh, but that doesn’t mean it should be okay to do it. I believe this is the only type of situation I will say that ‘humor’ is not acceptable; when it can truly be harmful to one single individual.

Other than that I think people need to learn to accept humor for what it is and be a little more chill about it. Even if it’s offensive. Especially when it’s offensive. Humor is meant for a part of our brains that is oblivious or uncaring to implications, people don’t make a joke expecting someone to read or hear their words and think “OMG, you are RIGHT!”. People make jokes expecting to be laughed at, either because the joke is funny or the fact that someone would write such nonsense is.

I remember this Valentines day card being pulled from Target a while back…

Pfffft… Stalker is a much better word. >.>

…For ‘making light’ of something that is no laughing matter. Okay, well, shit… Is it offensive for Wifey and I to have created Stalkers Day, then? Have we… have we… encouraged the wrong kind of crazy here? I feel like I need a disclaimer of some sort…



How… How was that? Was that good? ^.-

Clearly, I don’t think actual stalking is funny in any way. I am aware that it ruins lives and in extreme cases may lead to rape and/or murder. I’m not condoning it and I’m honestly not expecting anyone to read my posts and assume that I am because; common sense much?

Yes some crazy person may read my posts or look at a card like that and feel encouraged, but you know what? A crazy person may also look at a cereal box and think Tony The Tiger is telling them murder is “Grrreat!”, so, yeeeaaah… Excuse me if I’m not losing any sleep over this.

Likewise, I don’t look at OM’s posts and think “oh great, men are going to think it’s okay to be assholes now”, because that would require the entirety of male population to have been born without functioning brain cells… And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s probably not the case. So at worst it’s offensive, but so is 99% of anything written at any given time on the internet.

Me breathing and living a generally happy life is offense to some people (and bots) out there, I’m sure. Doesn’t mean I plan on stopping any time soon.

Personally I am offended by rape jokes, I am offended by dead baby jokes, I am offended by anything that as much implies animal cruelty… Yet I accept that some people find humor in that. I accept that the fact someone jokes about it doesn’t mean they condone it. I’ve met great people who tell some horrible, horrible, jokes. I’ve told my share of them too and if someone were to judge me solely on my jokes they’d probably think I’m sexist, hate blondes, and think Portuguese people are mentally deficient… And that I may or may not want everyone in Argentina dead. And that’s probably not true. >.>

I personally believe that in life when given the choice, laughing at something is a hell of a lot healthier than being angry. I don’t understand why so many people out there choose to be angry or offended at mindless humor, obvious exaggerations, or throwaway jokes on a regular basis.

I also think that sometimes fighting fire with fire makes for a better comeback. I mean, if you’re going to take issue with a humorous post, why not make one in return? At least people will get a laugh while they agree or disagree with you instead of getting pissy in your comments section. 😉


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