This Game Is Trolling Me

Dragon Age always find a way to put my character in awkward situations… I thought it was a bug of some sort the last time I played that Leliana seemed to think she and Gabriel were in a relationship, even though they weren’t. And now my current Warden, Owen, is pursuing a romance with Leliana and somehow Morrigan seemed to think she had a claim on him and bitched about them sharing a bed; which, as far as I’m aware, never happened.

Okay, fine, whatever… So Owen dumped Morrigan, she wasn’t happy… He went off and killed her mom so now they’re friends again and shit. I thought that was over with, but now it seems Zevran’s romance is active and if I click on him for anything he wants to give Owen a… “massage”. Meanwhile Leliana is on jealous bitch mode and if I click on her she makes Owen choose between her and Zev.

Either way I go I lose a ton of approval with Zev.

Regardless, when I talk to Leliana she says things like “you told me there was nothing between you and Zevran” and “you lied to me, I can’t trust you”, when, you know, none of that happened. If it was up to me Owen would dump her ass and go with the elf, but since I actually give my characters their own little personalities in games like these… *sigh* he doesn’t want to, he fancies the bard. Meh.

I could just… not talk to either of them for the rest of the game. That’s a thought.

You can’t make me have ‘the talk’ again, game! I refuse. >.>


16 thoughts on “This Game Is Trolling Me

  1. But… but… everyone knows Leliana’s the way to go!

    And, random question that I suspect I already know the answer to, but are you playing on PC or console? Guessing PC, because I’d heard it was occasionally spastically glitchy with the relationships, but was supposedly addressed for the console releases (of course, the console version introduced it’s own wrinkles to the formula in the process, so…)

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    • I’m a PC Gamer, yes. And I personally like romancing Morrigan with my male Wardens (mostly because it makes Witch Hunt more interesting to play, in my opinion), but I’ve done that on my last two playthroughs, so yeah… Leliana it is this time. 😛

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      • I sadly never got to play Witch Hunt; had the game and all the DLC up to that point for 360, but the 360 was gone by the time Witch Hunt finally arrived, and I never replaced it. Didn’t feel like starting all over again on PC or PS3, so it just faded away.

        I’d note, I DO like Morrigan… and she probably has one of the more entertaining romance plots (though Zevran’s is pretty funny, too). But I have a thing for gingers with funky accents, so Leliana is my true DA love. XD

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        • Leliana’s accent is probably the one thing I don’t like about her, funny enough. It’s… too… French… >.>

          I’d encourage you to replay it, and play DA2… and Inquisition (which I am yet to purchase), but since I’ve been unable to stop playing this for a couple of weeks now, it seems like bad advice. 😛

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          • Well, I have the Ultimate Edition on PC from Origin. One day I’ll get around to it. I couldn’t stand 2. Inquisition is going to have to wait until my employment situation is fixed and Dodge is happy with me again, but it’s on the to-do list.

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          • I liked DA2! People are too hard on that game lol. The quests themselves were really repetitive, but I liked it for the story and the characters. Kinda of the same reason I liked the first Assassin’s Creed, really. Ugh… Took forever to collect those damn flags. =_=

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          • I didn’t find the flags as bad as the feathers in the sequel… Though at least the feathers got you something besides an achievement. XD

            So far as DA2, I really liked the engine and improvements from the first in that respect, but the characters mostly bored me (except Bethany, and that didn’t end well…) and it didn’t feel like your choices mattered a whole lot overall, unlike the first game and its sci-fi cousin, Mass Effect.

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          • I think my inability to be cruel keeps me from fully exploring all my options in DA:O though. Like… If I can save all the mages why kill everyone? If I can save both the elves and werewolves then why not do that? And so on… It’s like “Nooo… I can’t kill them, LOOK AT THEM.” Funny how that doesn’t stop me much when I RP but in video games I’m just too soft. >.>

            Bethany was my least favorite… Well no, actually Carver, but since I generally hate being a mage under any circumstance I didn’t have to deal with him much. Actually I thought the entirety of Hawke’s family just sucked. lol

            Otherwise I liked the whole lot, even Anders despite him being a goddamn terrorist in the end. I’m not sure if I’ll bother getting any DLC for DA2 though before jumping into Inquisition, doesn’t seem worth it much. >.>

            The only reason I haven’t gotten Inquisition yet is because I’m afraid my laptop won’t run it. And if I buy and can’t play it, I will cry lol. This laptop surprises me though. It does run Diablo 3 and Skyrim smoothly with the right settings. On the other hand Minecraft lags like a mother… =_=

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          • That’s bizarre that it’d run Skyrim or D3 but freak out on Minecraft. Might check (I think that’s the address) and see what it has to say.

            And Bethany was 100% based on looks and voice acting. I hated her quests, secretly enjoyed her demise, and found her useless in combat compared to other options.

            Anders amuses me. Even when he goes full on psycho. But I thought the inquisitors needed a good kick in the butt, so was kind of on his side with the whole thing. XD

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          • if it’s the same one you mean. And it just usually says I can’t run anything on my crappy graphics card, but yet… I do it anyway. lol

            Anders… hmph… I was less pissed with the blowing stuff up thing than with the fact he tricked me into helping. I kind of regret not killing him. Next time I play I shall remedy that. >.>

            And since I played DA2 before playing Awakening (I actually haven’t finished Awakening to be honest), I was pissed at him then too. Like “Fuck you, you future terrorist.” >.<

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  2. Wifey…if you try NOT to click on people in DA…I tried that…and then during play walking around, outside camp…accidentally click on a companion and full blown character story breaks out and there’s me in slow motion..”NOOOOOOOO…” because when was the last time I flipping saved? Two hours ago. >.< That's my DA pain. lol

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    • Yeah, that exactly how this played out too. In the middle of the fucking hours long deep roads expedition and Leliana is scolding me in front of the entire Legion of The Dead. The worst part is that Zev did NOT revert back to friendship status and when I rose his approval again he wanted to sleep with my Warden… again… and I had to hear the jealousy talk from HIM then… It’s just… gah… fuck this drama. =_=

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