Reviews Pending

I decided I’m going to take some time to read some books. I’m going to finish The Mind Readers this week (or so help me) and move on with my list of books to review. I will re-review Down The Wormhole as promised and then, probably Cronic by Steven Baird because I am so very curious about it from the bits I’ve read on his blog. And then I tried my best not to read any more. It’s the same way with movies or TV shows I plan on watching; I don’t watch teasers or previews beforehand, nor do I read reviews. It’s a thing I have; I don’t want to see anything until I can see it all. *shrug*

I have almost fifty books on my Kindle so unless I get requests, I’m not getting any more until I’ve read a good enough deal of them. With the exceptions of Pride And Prejudice… I’ve made my peace with the fact I may never finish Pride And Prejudice…. And some other equally ‘classic’ *cough*boring*cough* books that I picked up so people can’t say I never tried them. 😛

Those I’ll finish (or try to) at a more… relaxed… pace. >.>



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