ZzZzZzZzZzZz…. O.O I’m awake!

I’ve been sick and drugged the past few days, so… Not a lot of posting going on. Apparently I considered doing a fan fiction challenge in that time. Hmmm. Think I vaguely remember that. ^.-

I always wanted to do a crossover between Dragon Age and our RP characters, maybe I’ll give that a try since I’ve been playing the game obsessively lately. lol

Although it’d have to just be my characters… If I bring Wifey in on this things might get out of control. Hmmm… Maybe…

I’ll deliver OM something if the deadline’s not too strict…. My writing pace lately has been shameful. >.>

I still feel groggy from the medication, but I do feel better which is good. It’s the decongestant my doctor prescribes that makes me a zombie. I don’t know why; it’s actually not advised to take it at night since it may prevent sleep, but my reaction is the complete opposite of that. It happens to some people I’m told, so it’s not to worry, but holy crap.

Headaches are all but gone and the sneezing is slowly subsiding. So hooray for that.

On the other hand it’s almost 3pm and I’m yet to have any lunch. :/



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