Look At The Birdie!

Uh, oh… My bad. >.>


Evil Squirrel's Nest

Whose profile is better? Hey!  Down in back!

It’s just another cute profile picture of a squirrel in my backyard…. though this one has something non-sciurine in it that catches your eye.  What’s with the blackbird butting in on sqturday squirrel logomy photo shoot?  Is it even possible to photobomb a picture while in the background?  Even out of focus, the bird’s piercing eye and dark feathers divert attention away from the furry little fellow who was supposed to be the star of this picture.

Come on, dude!  I feed my squirrels corn… they don’t even have to raid your precious little birdfeeder.  Give them a break and let them enjoy the Saturday Squirrel spotlight by themselves.  Isn’t there an Alfred Hitchcock movie you could be crashing right about now?  Where’s a scarecrow when you need one?

Have a great weekend everyone… especially all you mothers out there!

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