Nostalgia Gaming

I haven’t been wanting to do much these past couple of days. It’s not a “I don’t want to be productive right now” type of deal, it’s more like I don’t want to do anything. It’s a mini bout of depression maybe; wouldn’t be the first time. So I’ve been watching this guy play DOOM on Youtube for three days straight. Yep.

If you’re not familiar with DOOM, then… Well… Think of every gory game you’ve ever known and every shooter you’ve ever known… DOOM is the reason they exist. Simple as that.

When I was a kid I loved watching my brothers play that game. And later playing it myself. Wolfenstein 3D and the first two DOOM games were the only shooters I ever enjoyed. Well… I sometimes fooled around a bit with Rise of The Tried (RoTT), but… I never seriously played it. I’ve completed DOOM and DOOM II on Ultra Violence difficulty… Not with 100% everything, but still… I’ve completed them. Wolfenstein 3D on the other hand… Is still pending. That game is a fucking maze and it has no map at all, sooo… Once I reach a certain point I start to get mentally exhausted, especially in higher difficulty settings. I’ve actually not gone past episode 3. There are 6 of them if I’m not mistaken. Not to mention it’s got a sequel called Spear of Destiny that I am yet to play. And yes there are the newer games… Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The New Order and there’s one more now I think… Same with DOOM 3 and now 4, but… It’s not the same and I can safely say I’m never gonna play those, ever.

And you know Wolfestein was a controversial game because of the Nazi imagery and stuff. To be honest though, the only thing I have aproblem with in that game is having to shoot dogs. Like, these German Shepherd puppies that attack you… The dying puppy noises were very realistic to me and they made me sad. >.>

Rest in peace, Fido. T.T



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