Ultimate DOOM Indeed

Gave up trying to remember what my awesome idea was. It’ll come back to me eventually. I just might not know it when it happens because… I’ll probably think it’s a whole new idea.

Anyway, I decided to clear my head by exploding some things, so I went to play some DOOM. At one point in the game I got swarmed by demons, as it happens often in Ultra Violence difficulty. I panicked as it happens often every time I play anything ever… And I pressed all the keys at once.

It turned the image sideways and changed the screen resolution at the same time, somehow. It seriously fucked up my screen and it took me a while to figure out how to fix it.

Now I ask: Why is there an option to turn every thing upside down in Windows? Why, Microsoft? Goddamn trolls. >.<



2 thoughts on “Ultimate DOOM Indeed

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