What You Do Online

Some time ago I watched a news segment on this person who took two weeks off work on account of illness and then posted pictures on FB taking a vacation. This person was fired, obviously. The news reporter presented this as them being punished for something they did online and then went on to warn about companies Googling their job applicants as if that was a tremendous invasion of privacy.

Kids, publishing something on the internet means exactly that: publishing. That means, you’re making it public.

That gigantic idiot that lied to their employers and then publicized that lie on the internet for all to see wasn’t punished for what they did online; they did what they did in real life. They lied to get off work. Facebook or no, the company has the right to fire their ass for that. Would they have ever known if it wasn’t posted on FB? Probably not.

Likewise if you’re applying for a job and your possible future employer Googles you and finds nothing but ragey all-caps racial slur filled YouTube comments to your name, it’s within their right to judge you for it. And it’s your own damn fault for writing them in the first place.



2 thoughts on “What You Do Online

  1. I agree! I laugh every time I hear a similar story. One lady after she got hired by a daycare- had the nerve to say she basically doesn’t like how kids are so noisy…. A very expensive lesson on disclosure. There are ways to say and do things that will not cost you your employment. Lol.

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