Why I Call Myself a Stalker

Inside jokes between me and Wifey aside… The reason I say I’m a stalker is that I like to people watch. Both in real life and online. Those of you who visit me regularly enough for me to notice your names (or aliases) rest assured I’ve visited your blog at least once. Probably a lot more than once. I don’t like every post I read; just the ones I find particularly… Likable, so odds are you’ll never know if and when I’ve read your stuff. Basically; I see you and you don’t see me. Hence the stalker jokes. I know I could just say I’m a silent reader, but then… Where’s the fun in that? *smirk*

In real life I am more often than not more knowledgeable of people than they are of me. That’s because I watch them and I listen and I’m quiet. I’m always listening to people go on about their lives and they often don’t notice me because I have little, if anything, to say. Then one day they’ll bring something up with me and find out I know all about it, because I was standing right there the last time they mentioned it. You’d think that only applies to strangers, but no; that happens with my family all the time too. It’s something I’ve learned to take advantage of as I’m sure most introverts out there do.

One thing I like to do is when I notice someone new is liking several posts in a row here on the blog, I watch my notifications for a while to see how many pages they’re going to be looking at. I can kind of picture this complete stranger clicking related articles or using the big red button of random over there *points at the big red button*. I can usually tell when it’s one or the other too. Yup. I kind of wonder if other bloggers notice this sort of activity too… Because… I occasionally do this, like, I take a day to just read EVERY post in a blog. I like several random posts in blogs here and there… I wonder if that stands out. Hmmmph. That’s bad stalker-practice.

Of course there are the inner jokes and more personal reasons for this, but then… Well… Partly is due to Wifey and I following each other all over the internet. We’re even friends on Steam and I don’t think she’s ever used her Steam account since. There are also several jokes in our RP’s OOC Thread about all of us stalking each other through elaborate recording devices and the occasional portal hidden under the bed.

Bottom line: I’ve never committed any crimes… in case you all are wondering. >.>



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