Shadows Returns

Guess what, folks? The RP is active again! I am so excited! *squee*

“You’re too excited. I don’t like that.”

Aaawww, but it’s gonna be fun.

“I always get screwed when you say that!”

Oh come on, Jake…. Not ALWAYS. *smirks* Just sometimes.

“I am far from reassured.” =_=

Well, reassuring you is not my job, really. Quite on the contrary.

“We can always go on strike, you know.”

Mhm… Well… I… Uh… Please don’t. o_o

“That’s more like it.”

You’re supposed to be the nice one, Crystal. Goddamn it. >.<

“I don’t think that’s my job really.” *smirks*

Fiiine… I’ll try to keep Jakey from losing any more ear bits… But I can’t promise anything. >.>

Ehem… Anyways… It’s been a while since there was posting, so, I need to organize my stuff and remember where all my characters were and where I wanted them to be next… Since Wifey is next to post, I’ve got some time to do it, but still, it’s a bit of work and preparation… Because I have way too many characters. Like, twelve or thirteen of them counting a couple of special NPCs. Not easy to keep track of everyone, I tell you.

Maybe I need to cut those numbers down a bit.

“Not funny.” >.<

Alright, alright. lol



6 thoughts on “Shadows Returns

  1. Reblogged this on The Oddity Writer and commented:
    Blackbird is insane- but she’s rather good at channeling her madness into her work, into her characters (Luckas, Ess, Jake and Crys) and her roleplay story series- the Shadows series. I’ve been enjoying her work on WordPress for a long time, and she deserves the attention! I hope you enjoy a look into her mind as she announces the return of the Shadows series!

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