Mad World

This week has been hellish. I know I haven’t given you guys many updates lately and that’s because I’ve been either 1) sleeping or 2) working on that story commission I said I’d do. Unfortunately I’ve been doing a lot of the first and not enough of the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the experience, it’s just that life’s been getting too much in the way of the actual writing…. And keeping people waiting makes me twitchy.

Since this week started I’ve been hibernating because of the allergy meds and dealing with a back ache, because I’m an idiot who refuses to wait five minutes for someone stronger to come around and lift the heavy stuff. If I had still been practicing archery regularly my back muscles wouldn’t be acting like pussies over it though. I keep telling myself I’ll go back, but I don’t. I need to fix that.

Not that’ll matter this weekend anyway. It’ll probably still be raining. Meh.

I’m not in a good mood basically. Another reason I haven’t been posting updates. I’m tired of bitching to you guys, makes me feel kinda guilty. 😛

When I finish this commission I’ll post my review of The Mind Readers. I haven’t forgotten it, just hadn’t had the time or energy.



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