What The Hell Is Going On?

I never have been so busy. Ever. Never. I don’t know why the world suddenly knows I exist… But I wish it would stop for a few days. Really, what the hell.

I was supposed to finish the story commission I’m working on this weekend. I didn’t. Saturday was spent cleaning the apartment because my grandpa is coming to visit this week. Just me and mom doing the cleaning because my brother was locked in his room working. I love it how he can get out of anything with the words “I have work to do” and I can’t. What I do isn’t ‘real work’ despite the fact we have absolutely no fucking clue what my brother does exactly. It has to do with government cultural programs and stuff, but honestly… I just don’t care anymore. I mean, I never understood what the hell the other two are off doing, why bother to start now? šŸ˜›

So yeah, come Sunday and I can barely get out of bed I’m so tired. I did all my writing then, but it wasn’t a lot of it. Might have been if I didn’t keep writing my characters’ names in by accident. I swear, they’re having some sort of jealous fit in the back of my mind somewhere because I’m not paying them enough attention lately. =_=

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m having those weird dream flashes again. I’m pretty sure I was in a pirate ship in two different scenarios last night. Well, this morning, I went to sleep it was around 5am.

And Microsoft keep insisting I sign up for a free update to Window 10. I… Don’t know. I don’t trust it. I love Windows 7 and I HATE Windows 8… I kept saying I wasn’t going to upgrade to a better laptop until the next Windows came out, but eeehh… I dunno. My brother accepted a free update to Window 8.1 or something like that and it fucked up his computer. So I take it I’m gonna wait a bit.

I am feeling better though, health-wise. Well, now my back hurts a bit because of moving furniture around on the weekend, but otherwise I’m great. It’s really cold though. Wifey laughs, but it was cold enough last night that I slept with socks on. And I hate sleeping with socks on. Not as much as I hate the heat though. I mean, this I can live with.

I’m gonna write some more before I have to go out at 6:30. Ugh, I miss being bored. *whine*



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