Growing Up, Gratitude and the Griefer’s Game

I’ve been watching fellow bloggers express their sentiments over the shutting down of HarsH ReaLiTy for a few days now. I keep telling myself I should say something too, after all… OM was one of the first bloggers I’ve met in WordPress, and the only one at the time to actually respond to my comments. After everything I think Daniel, at The Oddity Writer expressed my thoughts better than I’m able to at the moment. Maybe after some more time has passed I’ll say something for myself.

For the moment I just want to say that I second everything he’s written, including the not-so-positive parts.


The Oddity Writer

Yesterday, the final nail was placed in a metaphorical coffin, when influential blogger Jason Cushman left the blogging scene.

Harsh Reality January 3, 2013- April 2015 Harsh Reality
January 3, 2013- May2015 A few days before hand, Jason (better known as Opinionated Man or OM)had closed his site to the public, changed his privacy settings so that only he would be able to access his site. This was done, according to Linda G Hill‘s email from OM himself, so that he could eventually delete the website.

And this is where I break off my journalistic tone and I just speak withmy own voice now. Because I’ve fulfilled my duty, I’ve told you all the facts. But I haven’t finished saying my piece yet.

Where to begin? I guess I would thank OM- no, Mr. Cushman, since he’s older than I am, he deserves that respect- for everything he’s done for all of his followers. He would…

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2 thoughts on “Growing Up, Gratitude and the Griefer’s Game

  1. You know, I don’t think I ever gave you a proper thank you for this reblog and your continued support. It means the world to me, and I was so glad that I was able to properly express your thoughts.

    And of course, thanks for putting up with my phone’s glitchy follow button. I know it must be annoying.

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    • Well, you’re welcome. And thank you, sir… Yeah, I wasn’t quite able to post about this (yet) without mentioning… that dude… and then I didn’t want to make it about THAT, so… I just borrowed yours for now. They seemed fitting. ^^”

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