Break’s Almost Over…

We had a four day weekend. Something with a religious Holiday… I don’t know. I took those four days to rest and space and watch TV and play games… And now Monday is on the horizon. *sigh*

I was out having family time with my cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandpa. Unfortunately two of my brothers are out in the world, but one of them was there and so was my sister. We still had what we came to address as the ‘loud corner’ which is where me and my siblings sit all together and well… lots of laughs.

I am aware that I still need to do some more Christian Potter, but really I don’t want to spoil what’s left of my Sunday with that crap… I’m going to play some games and maybe write some stuff on the side.

And tomorrow I’ll go back to doing actual work things and being a responsible adult. >.>



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