How Will I Ever Get Stuff Done

Steam suggested a game to me… It’s called Lego Worlds.

Here’s a kitty characterization of my face when I saw the store page for that game:


I went on YouTube and I saw one of my favorite Minecrafters had some videos of gameplay and I watched them.

Simply put; I want this game.

I didn’t know if I could run it though. I went to CanYouRunIt and it told me I couldn’t. However that site is a bit… well… full of crap. Because it tells me I can’t run Skyrim or Diablo 3 or AC: Brotherhood/Revelations and I CAN. It also tells me I can run The Witcher which I purchased on a sale a while back and as it turns out I CAN’T RUN THAT. Sooo I did the next best, although slightly dishonest, thing; I downloaded a cracked copy of the game.

I played for like 10min yesterday and then 10min today because my nephew wanted to see it. I am in love with this game. I mean you can insta-build a goddamn castle! In 10min of running around I rode:

– A goat

– A cow

– A different type of cow

– Sheep

– A Polar Bear

– A husky

– A Camel

– An Ostrich (hilarious btw)

Long story sort; if it doesn’t want to kill you, you can ride it. I also rode a bike, drove three types of car (horribly) and flew a plane. Oh, and boats.

For me though the most important part is that you can build almost anything, you can be almost any type of character you encounter in the world… And there are dragons. And you can ride them. And they shoot fireballs…. Yep. And it’s in early Beta which means there’s going to be a lot more stuff.

So yeah, the pirated copy has to go… That was for testing purposes only… but the question here isn’t if I’m going to buy this… it’s WHEN. I’m gonna need to buy a mouse to be able to do any proper building, but…. WAAAANT.

This may actually be better than Minecraft and more addictive than Skyrim. O_O



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