Astral Hell

My brother, the physicist, studied astrology when he was in college. No, I didn’t mean astronomy; he studied astrology. And in astrology there is a thing called Astral Hell, or Astrological Hell. It’s what they call a period of around 30 days before a person’s birthday when their mental and emotional state may be a bit off or things just may go wrong with them for apparently no reason.

Growing up I’d hear a lot about this because June would be the only month; THE ONLY month when I actually got sick. As I grew up and started getting sick at any time of the year like a normal person (yay?) I’ve forgotten the idea of an astrological hell, but… THIS WEEK, man! It’s not even actually 30 days before my birthday, yet (July 26), but holy crap; my mind is in a total fucking mess. For no real reason really. I just can’t get shit done.

I want to write, I have ideas, but it just… won’t… work. And then I don’t feel like doing anything else AT ALL. Because I want to write. So I get pissy and frustrated… Yesterday’s been like that all day. All week’s been that way. It doesn’t help that this fucking weather won’t make up its mind if it wants to be hot or cold and my allergies are going off like crazy. So today, my sister’s kids are here and they aren’t going to school because it’s raining a goddamn flood. And my head hurts sooo… Yeeeah… Pissy.

Thankfully the person who requested that commission is being incredibly patient with me, but either way; this is not okay, Universe. =_=


5 thoughts on “Astral Hell

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