Book Review: The Mind Readers

Okay, time to talk about this book and why it took me so damn long to finish it. *sigh*

What is The Mind Readers:

It’s a novel about this teenage girl, Cameron, who reads minds. Her parents are mysteriously absent and she lives with her Grandma who is a bit of a jerk, but is overall a well-intentioned jerk.

What I Said On Amazon:


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My Thoughts On The Mind Readers:

I’m gonna be really honest with you guys… This book frustrated me immensely. It started out pretty damn good and then it just derailed. I struggled to keep reading, I was completely annoyed with the main characters… it was overall not a fun experience for me. Now, before I get into what happened that put me off so much, let me just say that I’m possibly a bit biased… I mean, maybe… Because I’ve written telepaths, more notably Lena and Luckas, and they all had their flaws, Luckas is a bit emotionally challenged and on some occasions naive, buut… Because of their abilities they did have a knack for spotting bullshit. Lena was someone that pretty much could not be fooled; so much that the greatest plot twist we’ve had so far in my opinion was the fact that the villain of the first RP was hiding right under her nose the whole time. That guy was the only one to ever manage to deceive her and it haunted her until her death.

Why am I bringing this up? Because maybe, just maybe, that made it harder for me to like Cameron; the main character of this book. I thought she was just stupid. As in “how can you not understand the implications of telling people what you can do?” stupid. As in “how do you just run off with this guy you just met simply because he’s like you and he’s charming?” stupid. If she had been reading minds all her life how could she not grasp the concept that people fucking lie ALL THE TIME?

*sigh* Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. Let me explain…

The book started with Cameron sitting at this Diner, reading minds, and she realizes the place is going to get robbed. She leaves and does nothing. When she gets home her grandma is all like ‘well done’ for not getting involved. She goes out with friends we meet some secondary characters and we find out more about Cameron. Basically she uses her powers to stay friends with the popular girl even though she can’t really stand her, because she’s rich or something. At this point I was open minded about this and the fact that Cameron shared my annoyance every time this chick acted like a total bitch did raise some sympathy. They’re at this place by the beach when some girl turns up dead in the shore. A crowd gathers quickly and in the commotion, Cameron hears the killer’s thoughts. Now THAT, was promising. That was interesting. i was liking where that was going. If you agree with me, then let me tell you what screws this book up entirely; Lewis.

Lewis is the boy. Because where there’s a teenage girl protagonist there has to be a boy, right? Well, Lewis shows up and he’s all charming and Cameron can’t read his thoughts. *gasp* Is he the killer? We don’t know! Much suspense!

Except a few pages later they discover the killer is Cameron’s friend’s boyfriend, Lewis mid-bends him into confessing the whole thing (but not before idiot Cameron tells her friend she’s a mind reader because that couldn’t possibly go wrong) and the only interesting thing about this freaking story is never mentioned again until the end.

After that the plot changes completely to Cameron going off with Lewis to this too-good-to-be-true mansion for Mind Readers run by this guy called Aaron. And from then on it was annoyance upon annoyance for me. Here’s a list of the things that made me roll my eyes the hardest:

– Resisting telepathy by literally picturing walls in your mind (I swear, I could hear Luckas laughing at this as I read, which was the most entertainment I got out of this book really)

– All the guys are ridiculously attractive and too good to not be full of shit and all women are ridiculously attractive and act like total cunts to Cameron for no real plausible reason.

– Except that girl who acts weird and sounds like a total mean bitch, only she’s the only one actually telling the truth from the start. Basically she tells Cameron “they’re using you” and every other fucking variation of the phrase every time they meet and Cameron just doesn’t believe it until too late.

– Cameron literally sees weird shit happening all the time in that freaking house and she brushes it off because Lewis or Aaron says it’s nothing. On two particularly infuriating occasions Aaron assured her the crying she heard at night was the wind. Yes, really. She bought that.

– Turns out Cameron is just naturally super gifted, because of course she is.

– The inner monologues about Lewis being oh so dreamy that get REALLY annoying REALLY fast.

– The ridiculous amount of time it took Cameron to realize she had no access to a phone or any other means to contact her grandma.

Basically, she’s fucking stupid the entire time and I could see how this was going to end chapters before it finally did.

The ‘aftermath’ part was pretty interesting again. And, you know what? I don’t know if it’s enough to get me looking at the next book because I don’t trust it to be interesting all the way through. I just don’t. I still feel extremely cheated by the first few chapters of this book. This is not an okay thing to do to your readers damn it.


Do I Recommend This Book?

No. I don’t. I really, really, don’t. I mean, there’s an audience for every book, but I don’t personally recommend this one.

Yay or Nay?

I’m not going to just take your word for it, Bird! Where can I get this book?

Good ol’ Amazon!

Like I said guys, maybe I’m biased, but I just couldn’t get into this book after the plot change. I liked the first part so much better that I just felt annoyed and cheated through everything else. Maybe you guys would feel differently, so if you want to check it out, it’s still up for grabs free of charge on Amazon.



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