Long Never Ending Debates: Altair Vs. Ezio

I bought Assassin’s Creed and Assassin’s Creed 2 during the Steam “Summer” Sale. It felt wrong to have Brotherhood and Revelations on my Library and not the first two games.

I’m a great Assassin’s Creed fan until this day. That’s possibly due to the fact I haven’t played the series past Revelations and I am yet to play that far into Revelations, so no spoilers in the comments. 😛

Being a great AC fan also, my brother and I had many discussions over the fact I keep saying I like Altair more than Ezio and he goes on and on about all that’s great about Ezio and AC2. AC2 is still my favorite game in the series; hell even if the only improvement over the first game was the ability to swim, I would have loved it. It’s not about which game is better though. I find Altair the more interesting character. That’s what it’s about.

I mean… Altair is an unlikable asshole, throughout the first half of Assassin’s Creed all I could think of was “WHY AM I HELPING THIS GUY!?”, but by the end of the many, many, many repetitive missions and obsessive flag collecting… I grew extremely fond of him. I mean, Ezio wasn’t an assassin in the beginning of AC2. We go through that whole learning process with him and that’s a great ride, but it’s not different from many other games where you learn the ropes as the characters do. Altair was a high ranked assassin who still had so damn much to learn about himself and the world in the general, and we get to experience that. The tutorial missions in Masyaf where we learn to pickpocket (I still suck at it) and eavesdrop and intimidate… It’s punishment for Altair. It’s beneath him; or so he believes. Replaying the game (as I briefly did today) adds to that experience for me, because all I can think of during this initial phase is “yeah, yeah, I KNOOOW…. Let me go and stab people already!”

Despite my love of Altair and my fondness of this game though… I’ll always rage and curse over the fact that he CAN’T FUCKING SWIM!


I mean why… WHY… send us to kill a guy on a motherfucking BOAT… If the freaking character can’t SWIM!? WHY?


God I’m gonna have to replay that mission eventually… God damn it Ubisof-… O_O FLAG! *jumps off ledge, lands on a templar and starts a gigantic commotion*

I regret nothing.



4 thoughts on “Long Never Ending Debates: Altair Vs. Ezio

  1. I gave up on Assassin’s Creed after 3. I just couldn’t do it anymore. The gameplay was stale, the missions were stale, the AI was so predictable I could have told you what their last meal was and who their first kiss was with, and I was left so pissed off by the story that I couldn’t even pretend to enjoy the game anymore. Also, the character in 3 that you play as has less personality than Desmond does. Now that is an accomplishment.

    To be fair, 3 starts out great. The first 15 minutes of that game are really good, especially when you learn a thing or two about the character you play in it, but after that, it just goes downhill.

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    • I’ve not been that interested in AC3+ to be honest. I mean… eeeh I’ll play 3 at least eventually, but… Black Flag…. meh, pirates, ships, meeeh…. Historically doesn’t interest me nearly as much as AC/AC2/Brotherhood either. I don’t know about Revelations because, like I said; haven’t played too far into it. Like I said, the original still holds a place in my heart, despite it being repetitive like hell. It’s still fun. And Altair is best Assassin Dude. >.>


  2. I’ve played them all..up to black flag..which I started but honestly wasn’t as connected to the character as I was with the other games. I honestly love them. I of course can’t stand that flag collecting shit or feathers…who gives a crap…*dangles feather in front of Wifey* >.> I am just not the type to have to get all achievements, that’s me. I want to unlock the story and play the movie. What I love.

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