Gotta Love Human Stupidity

Saw this on BuzzFeed just now…

I feel sorry for Canada if that much stupid decides to move there at once.



10 thoughts on “Gotta Love Human Stupidity

  1. So well done…Isn’t it funny how torture, illegal wars, and “free speech zones” didn’t bother these clowns…but two people getting married is corruption to them: one day I’ll understand the reptilian need to have people to step on. For now, I’m just glad I’m not one of them.

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      • That is odd given that Brazil has a better record on race than the U.S.

        I suppose that’s a nebulous connection:

        To be honest I’m in shock. I’ve been out and politically active from the very beginning.

        I always considered the work as something that would lead to changes after my death.

        I never thought we would have the right to marry in my lifetime.

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  3. Well, this stinks. I was planning to run off to Canada in the event that Donald Trump became president.
    (At least he has no chance of becoming president… right?)

    But yeah, as Stephen Colbert said, have a happy weekend of celebration 🙂

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