One Step Too Far…?

I wrote, yesterday while my internet was dead, this random scene where Ali and Eric have a vicious argument and she says something outright cruel to him and he just slaps her right in the face.

Now, Ali wouldn’t take something like that quietly. I mean, she’s a trained killer, you’d not expect anyone to just bitch slap her and get away with it, but she just… walks away… I can just see the look on her face and it’s just breaks my heart a little.

I was rereading that right now and that slap feels so much more brutal than it physically is. So I’m having serious doubts whether I’ll actually use this because it makes me cringe. It makes… ME… Cringe. I don’t normally cringe at anything short of forced cannibalism (again; thanks for that Wifey. 😛 ).

And now I feel silly, because these are two characters who have killed before with considerable ease and who have suffered (or will suffer) physical pain far worse than something like this. For context I’ll let you know that Ali is beaten half to death within my first five chapters. What’s a slap in the face in comparison? And yes, what she says to him does warrant a slap in the face in my opinion. It is an overreaction for Eric, but not by much.

What’s weird is that I don’t even question whether it’s too much to nearly break her every bone with that aforementioned beating, but THIS bothers me.

*sigh* I don’t think I understand how morality works anymore. ^.-



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