Luckas Better Not Hear You Say That…

Read this in a Tumblr Post:

Romantic Stalking. I don’t know why this is a thing. Stalking is never romantic, it’s a creepy invasion of privacy. Overly “protective” and possessive guys are not romantic, they’re abusive. 

If anyone ever said to Luke’s face that he’s abusive to Ess he would rip out their guts and shove them down their throat. Then, I don’t consider Luke possessive. Protective; yes, territorial; definitely, but not possessive. In his mind he’s taking care of her because that’s what you do when you like someone. >.>

Also, you don’t want to know what Ess would do if someone ever said to her Luckas is abusive towards her. You’d rather deal with Lukey. 😛

In general though, I agree with that post. All of it. I’m just saying, all cliches work when done right. And you know, I like to think we do it right. >.>



7 thoughts on “Luckas Better Not Hear You Say That…

  1. “Stalking is never romantic,”

    Tell that to almost every romance movie ever made. Women get all gushy at the movies, but if I choose to lock a girl in a basement and tell them that their name is now Diane and that they’re my wife now, it’s somehow creepy.

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  2. You two…lmao. I love how I find that all interesting and not creepy…I fit in just fine. Least when I wrote this, it was honestly before all those cheesy popular movies/books came out..before I ever heard of I swear if someone ever tells me i took stuff form Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey..I WILL MURDER..ehem. I’m glad you think it works btw wifey! That makes me happy.

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