Society Fails At Logic… Again

A few days ago Fernanda Lima, a famous model/Tv presenter was asked about whether the nannies that tend to her twin boys are required to wear white uniform (because… I guess, that’s a thing). She responded by posting a photo of them on social media. This photo:

Now, this woman grew up in my state and I’m not particularly interested in her work, but I’ve known her in the early days of her career and I know for a fact she’s a really simple and chill person. I know for a fact it didn’t cross her mind what kind of shit storm would result from such an innocent photo. Can you guess how the internet responded?

One hint, this is her and her family:

Yeah, they attacked her by calling her racist. Because these women are black and they work for her. One lady compared her to a slave driver.

The logic of this… Eludes me… I mean, would she be less racist if she only hired white people!? What… WHAT!? I mean, this is just a case of “you’re rich, therefore everything you do is EEEVVIILLL!!!!” These women in the photo are happily employed, they are getting PAID for their work, they are offered benefits, they are considered a part of this family’s life. Paid work is not automatically slavery because the worker in question is black and guess what? Claiming that it is… That’s the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people? Has Facebook and Twitter rotten their brains to a point where they no longer understand the meaning of the trigger words they’re spewing?

The nannies made no comments in the social media or to the press, but their mother came to Fernanda’s defense, praising her treatment of her daughters and pointing out how she trusts them fully with her children. She was outraged, as she should be, that her girls are being used to attack a person whose only mistake in this scenario was giving them not only gainful employment, but her trust in caring for her little boys.

And this whole thing is just… I… The stupidity, man! Just… NO! And I thought My Immortal was hurting my brain, but really… Real life is coming close to being worse at this rate.



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