I’ll Just Be Under The Bed

I decided it’s time I watch Markplier’s playthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, 3 and 4…

Why? Because that game is so horrifyingly scary I know I’ll never have the guts to play it, buuut… I do kinda want to see it… If that makes sense? I… I’m gonna regret this. I swear, for a week after watching the first game I couldn’t sleep until it was morning. Not like I usually do; head full of thoughts and can’t make them stop, no… I was in a freaking panic and couldn’t allow myself to relax unless there was light. I’m not kidding. It doesn’t help that my bedroom door sounds like someone’s trying to get in whenever there’s as much as a breeze and it was a pretty stormy week…


But yeah, fellow blogger Daniel Park, from The Oddity Writer was kind enough to remind me that I don’t know how it ends and… Well… There is a bit of story to that game that actually managed to intrigue me in the rare moments I was struggling not to lose control of my bladder. I do want to know how it develops, if it does… so… yeah.. *clings to her plushie army* I can do this. I reviewed Cupcakes damn it. >.>

And you know, Markplier is not one of the many “Let’s Players” that I follow. It’s not that I actually dislike him, as I do PewDiePie (that guy annoys the living hell out of me. I swear, I hear him speak and I just want to punch his little bitch face), I just… eh… I dunno… You know? But he seems to be the only one crazy enough to consistently play this series. I mean, I watched RadBrad do FNaF, but he didn’t continue. And I WAITED to see if he would. But alas… I’m stalling now and I shouldn’t do that, so I’m gonna go… Torture myself with scary electronic animal puppets of doom.



7 thoughts on “I’ll Just Be Under The Bed

  1. Oh, what madness have I wrought upon Blackbird?

    Honestly, if you just want to explore the Lore of FNaF, you could just check out the Game Theory videos- they provide insight into what the games might need.

    Just saying (said in a sing-song tone)

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