Let’s Get Real For a Moment

Hey guys.

I’m sure some of you may have noticed I’ve no posted anything of real substance since I came back from my sicky time and… That’s because I’m still not completely out of it. What I had was a really nasty flu bug that has been going around my city this past month or so and… Me and mom both caught it from the kids and while it attacked my mom’s lungs, she’s still treating herself for pneumonia; although she is okay now as well, for me it resulted in a hellish of a sinus infection.

Now, you all know I’ve been sick before and often… So believe me when I tell you it was BAD. The worst part of it I think was that I couldn’t taste or stomach food. I mean even water tasted bitter, but that I had to force down as much as possible because… It’s water… So I ate very little in that time because I just… couldn’t… and that made me really weak. I was bed-ridden, I was miserable, and I was hungry for about a week and half. It felt like fucking months.

The only reason I’ve decided to discuss this here is that, like I said, I’m not completely out of it yet. I’m still having to take some heavy allergy medication to get rid of some leftover congestion and that medication makes me really groggy. It’s been extremely difficult to put two coherent thoughts together lately and as a result I have more than a couple unfinished projects impatiently nagging in the back of my mind awaiting completion. In between being passed out from the stupid pill I still have to take for another week or so, I’m going to dedicate most of my time to these things. So the blog is going to be… You know… A My Immortal commentary post here, some interesting music or image there… Ya know; the usual filler.

Once I’m a bit more free, I do have some posts waiting to be made about some of the shows I’ve watched while bed ridden. And I’ll try to actually post some actual writing here from time to time, because I realize I haven’t done that in a while. >.>



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