Brand New Week

I decided that my ‘work weeks’ are going to start on Tuesday from now on. Mondays just take too much out of me in other areas. There’s usually no food left in the house from the weekend and I have to wake up early to do groceries before my sister’s kids get here. I have to cook lunch and depending on how my mom is doing I have to take them to school myself. Today mom took them to school but I got back from the market and… Cleaned my room. I mean, I CLEANED it. I’m a bit messy usually, but I’m no slob, however… This place hasn’t been quite what one would call habitable since my sicky time. I cleaned out a bag full of empty medicine boxes alone from my desk, amongst other things. And now I got a few hours to relax before I have to go out again, so… *yawn* 🙂

In other news… I… Dreamed about Sam this past night and, I don’t like it when that happens. I mean, when she’s just in the dream that’s okay, but when I dream from her pov, like I’m in her head it’s just… *shudders* no. It’s scary in there. Not FNaF scary, really goddamn scary.

I think it was the whole ‘abused/neglected child’ motif I’ve been seeing in my games lately that put me in that mindset. I mean, Sam is in more ways than one an abuser now, but her father… That guy takes all the crowns… What an unredeemable ASSHOLE. Well, if anything the kind of person Sam has become says something about who that man was.

And if anything, the fact that I know everything she’s been through growing up and I still want Sam to die in a fire should say something about who she is now. It’s bad enough that I have to write her, I don’t want to be reliving it in my dreams either. >.>

And this reminds me, I did say I was going to post the scene that got me so angry with her a while ago once it was posted in the RP. Since I’ve added it to my latest post, I think I’ll be doing that shortly. 😉



4 thoughts on “Brand New Week

  1. Odd, for some reason it posted my thing twice, but in the second one, it fixed my typo for me. I think you’ve got a grammar ghost haunting your blog.

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