Atrocious Piece of Crap

Remember some of this guy’s arguments for a future post. Especially what he says about holding on to your childhood being a source of inspiration, because I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

That said… I was chatting a buddy on Skype a while back and we got on the subject of the quality of kid’s entertainment. At that point I cited Teen Titans Go as an insult to what Teen Titans once were. He eventually got me to agree that despite lacking any actual substance… Eh, at least it’s entertaining to some. And we left it at that.

At that point, I just thought this show was annoying, but after seeing this video and then finding and watching this episode, I can safely say that Teen Titans Go is shit.

Teen Titans Go is shit in a paper bag set on fucking fire.

Teen Titans Go is shit in a paper bag set on fucking fire and shoved down my throat.

I loathe the creature who first had the idea to take one of my favorite animated series, strip it of all its character and twist it into a terrible clown act of a show that can’t put two brain cells together long enough to create a perceivable fart. And trust me one solitary fart in itself would have more humor than every episode I’ve ever watched of this abomination combined. There is just no defending or redeeming THIS level of shit.


I’m sorry… I might have gotten a bit… ehem… emotional.

Yeah, anyway… I have a post drafted from the time I was sick that talks about animated shows that (still) manage to tug at my heartstrings today. Teen Titans is, of course, on that list. As far as animated series go, I had so much respect for that show that TTG actually makes me furious to dangerous levels. I think the only animated series I can think of that I would hold in higher regard is Batman: The Animated Series. I didn’t always like the Batman series, but I respected it even as a kid for being incredibly well made. And of course Heart of Ice is going to get a mention on that post.

The argument that ‘this is for kids’ is no excuse to create dumb shit. I don’t excuse Twilight for being horribly written because it’s supposed to be aimed at teen girls and heck, you know, even Twilight has more merit than Teen Titans Go. Crap as it may be I actually believe it’s a book that received the love and attention from a dedicated writer. I believe Stephenie Meyer believed in Twilight. I don’t think she wrote it thinking ‘this is for teenage girls, let’s just give them something to swoon over and they’ll eat that shit up’.

And you know, I’m pretty sure some books were written with that exact thinking. Fuck that. As an artist this offends me in a deeper level. As a person who put eight full years (and counting) into a book and more than half that much time (and counting) building a roleplay series that is to all effects ‘just a hobby’, I’m offended by this sort of rationalization. Writing is work, it’s research, it’s sweat and tears, and it’s above all love and respect for a story, for its characters… A real artist can’t not dedicate. A real writer can’t half-ass; even a hobby. No one would have blamed me for half-assing a roleplay; it’s a game after all, but I’ve worked on it as much as I did because I’ve become attached to that world and the people in it. My people and every one else’s; they deserved every second I’ve invested.

Cartoons are a form of art too. They’re not just silly crap you put in front of kids’ faces to keep them ‘entertained’ (meaning: shut them up). There are people who put insane amount of work into creating cartoons that have incredible characters and stories that are easily enjoyed by fans of all ages. I could make a goddamn list of them, but it would be too… fucking… long! Since this piece of crap in a bag brought it up though… MY LITTLE PONY IS ONE. My forty year old brother watched that show with me when he was visiting last year. A doctor in physics who is currently living in France doing important research in nanotechnology; the smartest person I know. He thought it was freaking awesome. You know who agrees? My six year old niece. If something is good it might not be universally loved (nothing is), but all different types of people will be able to recognize that.

*sigh* It’s late, I’m angry, this rant has gone on for too long and now my head hurts… I should probably calm myself down and go to sleep.

Later guys.



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