702th Post, Woohoo!

I was going to post another bit of My Immortal (yes, I’m still avoiding Christian Potter, but I’ll get to it eventually; don’t worry. >.>), then I realized that I’ve passed the 700 post mark. I am also one view away from 8.000 as I write this. My follower numbers have stuck in the 280-ish area (320 something if counting Twitter and Tumblr), I win some and lose some every other day, but I don’t make much of it.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my numbers, however unimpressive they might be compared to some other blogs out there. I think that the fact I’ve not been able to stay consistent with my posting, because, well… I’m a pretty inconsistent person to be honest… Has been the main cause for why I’ve not seen many new faces in my follower list these past months. I accept that. We all have our limitations, right? 🙂

To all of you who stuck around, some of you since way back in the beginning of this here box of crazy… You have my thanks, and my appreciation… and if that’s not enough I can maybe offer you some cookies:

I hope you’ll excuse the fact there’s no cake this time. Someone’s been a bad mind voice lately, so someone doesn’t get to see cake anytime soon. *glares at Luckas*

“Hey… That’s not fair!”

Yes, well… Clown nightmares tend to make me a bit unfair, Luckas.

“I had nothing to do with that! You were the one watching that stupid cartoon with the lame evil clown!”

Well, we’re having cookies, you can have cookies. >.>

*growls and nibbles on cookie* “Mean bitch… I didn’t even do anything this time… This is total bullshit…”

I heard that, Luckas. Just… Go back in the cage!

Ehem… *sigh* Sorry about that. We’ve all been a bit moody over here these past few days. ^^”

As I was saying though… Thank you all for your readership and support. It keeps me going. And yeah… Have some cookies, you deserve it. 🙂



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