Rose Tyler

I spent the night coughing and couldn’t sleep… You know at some points I just have to stop and wonder what the hell did I do to make the Universe hate me this much, but eeeh… Anyway…

I’m re-watching season 2 of Doctor Who now… And this brings me back to some of the things I don’t like about Rose.

Maybe I’m spoiled because, as I’ve previously mentioned, I started watching Doctor Who during Eleven’s era and… he had Amy. I mean, holy hell Amy was AWESOME. I mean, you can’t deny that; Amy Pond was freaking badass incarnate.

But I digress. My problem with Rose was how whiny and annoying she became whenever, for some reason, she got separated from the Doctor. “Oh no, my life is so ordinary now…. Everything sucks omg….”

Look, I get it; you saw the past and the future and vastness of the Universe, and you just don’t go home from that and forget everything you know is out there… But for Heavens sake, woman… Is it really necessary to sit in front of your mother, who loves you and has been probably constantly wondering if she’d see you alive again, and say “there’s nothing left for me here”? Even if it’s true, saying it to your mom’s face like that is just a horrible, horrible thing. You’re a horrible person, Rose. >.<

Now, I don’t hate Rose exactly. I just hate this particular part of her character as much as I hate it in any female character who is prepared to give up absolutely everything for some random dude she’s known for the entirety of a day. It doesn’t matter if he saved your life. It doesn’t matter if he has an awesome blue box that travels through time and space… Show some hesitation please. I mean, even if your boyfriend is a bit crap, and your mom is a pain in the ass (which Rose’s mom kinda is, even though in my honest opinion she’s just awesome, but more on that later)… You’re jumping into a time traveling box with an alien nutcase. Just… a bit more hesitation. That’s not too much to ask…

I mean, my favorite companions; Donna says no to traveling with The Doctor at first, and Amy, well… She was running away, but she inevitably goes back to Rory and she always inevitably comes back for him throughout the course of her run as companion. It’s not like “Welp, fuck everyone, I’m gonna live in the TARDIS now!”

Back to Rose though. I do like her, but the truth is I started to like her a lot more once she was no longer the companion. I liked the memory of her in the later seasons and her influence over the course of events during Donna’s run as companion a lot more than her actual full-time companion role.

Regardless… Her and Ten’s goodbye is flipping heart-shattering stuff. I don’t look forward to re-watching that episode. >.>


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