Martha Jones

Weird how she looks exactly like that girl from Torchwood that died in the the end of season 2. ^.-

Other than that… I honestly don’t have much of an opinion of her. I mean… She’s alright, I guess… I think it’s the show’s fault that I’ve been unable to care about her much. Because they introduce Donna Noble on the Christmas special and, well, I loved Donna to bits. Then the Doctor was like “come with me” and Donna is all “Nope.” which leaves us with Martha. I thought it was a dick move. I mean. It’s a dick move to introduce a character and then be all “Noope, that’s not the character you’ll get this season. Hahaha, we got you there!” I think that influenced my ability to like Martha. It’s not her fault it’s the show’s fault, so I try not to give her a hard time over it.

Unlike Clara. Wait til I start watching Season 7 and you’ll hear ALL about Clara. >.>

And guys, I know I’m doing the whole ‘not posting much of anything serious or important’ thing again, but really… I’m having a hard time kicking this plague to the curb. went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me 10 more days of antibiotics… Different ones than last time; stronger stuff, and I’m not too great. I’m not feeling as bad as I was, but I’m honestly just starting to get pissed off by this whole thing. Like, I’m doing everything right; I just want it to fucking end already!

*sigh* See? It’s better if I stick to talking about Doctor Who for a while.



One thought on “Martha Jones

  1. British shows. Don’t watch TV anymore. It’s all internet now.
    Before internet I remembered a few British show I liked. For one Dr. Who. Can’t remember the names of all the shows. One was a doctor show? Other, dude was a preacher with a shocking ending where his lady friend got electrocuted to death and he quit being a preacher? Other was a detective show. Oh my. Them British shows were good.


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