Mind… Trolling?

Most amusing. I was rereading this scene Doom and I wrote between our telepaths a while back and… These two lines Luckas throws at Simon just seem like quite the accurate description for every online argument in the history of the internet:

“I think this is one of the most amusing things about human behavior though, isn’t it? We all think we matter so damn much. Like you right now saying I bore you as if somehow that mattered to me. As if the fact that I failed to make you interested would keep me up at night forever. It’s like I said… Everything you and I are doing here is pointless. It doesn’t matter. Because you are as meaningless to me as I am to you.”

“Let’s be honest now… You will not make me accept any form of ‘reality’, no matter how many you try, and in the end, we are nothing but a couple of fools trying to make each other laugh at old jokes.”

If you think about it, telepathy is the closest to internet Valcrest has… You can use it for ‘instant messaging’, to stalk the ladies (in Luke’s case just the one Lady… Or else)… Annoy the hell out of people you hate, and even drive someone to suicide if you’re a particularly twisted son of a bitch (well done Lukey >.>). I mean… The similarities are undeniably there, so… Huh… Were Simon and Luckas just trying to “out-troll” each other in that scene? ^.-




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